Thursday, July 31, 2008

Question of the Day: For Chris "Mindleak" Angel

Best question asked about Angel's latest scam came from the cover of yesterday's TBT:

"Who really thinks that the guy with the button is going to push it if Angel's still in there?"

Or, rephrased, are the people in charge really going to blow up the old Spyglass Hotel if they're not 100% sure that Angel is out of the building?"

The answer, of course, is "Heck, no!"

Which means that Angel was never in any real danger of getting a scratch, much less losing his life for the sake of television ratings.

And so Mindleak survived to scam another day.

The stunt, which I rushed to miss, along with the rest of the show, was "disturbingly anticlimactic," according to a blog post penned by St. Petersburg Times TV critic Eric Deggans.

Hate to be a snob here, but ... people will watch anything, huh?

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