Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rocksteady@8: Back in Action

Rocksteady@8, the Tampa roots-reggae band co-founded by drummer Jonathan Priest, my old bandmate in Ghetto Love Sugar, is back in action after a brief hiatus.

The band returns to Yeoman's Road Pub on Davis Island this Friday, for a show starting at 10:30 p.m. or thereabouts.

That news comes courtesy of Bryan Zink, the band's guitarist and resident wit - and, not coincidentally, my old bandmate in Liz Back on Booze, an early-'90s Tampa "alternative pop" band that specialized in annoying cool people.

Here's Bryan's note, which arrived with the too-clever subject header, "Can it ever be too long?"

A: Yes it can! 5 months is too long to wait for a ROCKSTEADY SHOW!! But wait no longer--we're playing This Friday at Yeomans Road Pub!! We're all very excited about reuniting with our fans and playing together again.

Oh man, I feel cheap after that intro. Cheap and tawdry.

Which is making me even more in the mood for a ROCKSTEADY SHOW!! This Friday at Yeomans Road Pub!! 236 E. Davis Blvd., Davis Islands, (phone 251-2748). We start at 10, but probably not really. But either by 10:30 or by the time I get my guitar pedals connected and my beer and coke, whichever comes first.

So, anyway, be there. For what, you ask? Silly, forgetful you--for the ROCKSTEADY SHOW!! This Friday at Yeomans Road Pub!!

Be there!

So go hear Tampa's finest roots reggae band, and tell Jason and the guys that Philip sent ya

(BTW, Jonathan is no longer in the band, as he has relocated to North Carolina)

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