Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hindus Mad at Mike Myers? (Part 2)

Another update to the below post on Hindus' alleged outrage over the new Mike Myers film, The Love Guru.

Apparently, the note of protest went out to film critics everywhere.

My question: How did the sender get all of the emails without a little help from his "friends" at Paramount?

(Sure, he could have done a little research on the Internet, but in his note to me he said that he didn't have a web site, so it doesn't seem as if he has a high level of web savvy)

Guess I must have missed the original round of negative reaction to Myers' film - here's an AP report, dated March 28, detailing the "controversy."

If Rajan Zed and the other offended parties had been paying attention, they would have realized that this type of response only serves to draw attention to a movie, often helping the film score success at the box office.

St. Petersburg Times film critic Steve Persall made mention of Zed's letter in an item appearing this morning.

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