Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back From Vacation

Just a quick update:

Last week, we did a bit of touring around the state. We began with a few days in beautiful Anna Maria, a (mostly) unspoiled beach community near Bradenton (south of the Tampa Bay area). Relaxing, but HOT HOT HOT!

After that, we trekked to Tallahassee, to visit family there and to introduce the kids to the wonders of state government, via a walk through the old and new capitols, and a visit to the quite impressive Museum of Florida History.

On the way back south, we visited the University of Florida (my alma mater) in Gainesville, and I got the chance to show the kids around the campus a bit. We also wandered around downtown, peeked inside the Hippodrome Theater (great place for art/indie films and plays), ate pizza at Leonardo's and had lunch with our niece, a UF student, at the Swamp.

Gainesville remains a great, very livable place -- so much greener and laidback than Tampa, so young at heart and offering a surprising number of arts/entertainment options for such a small town. And did I mention Gator football Saturdays? The big drawback, particularly for others in my family: No beaches nearby.

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