Monday, July 27, 2009

Sad/Scary Movie News: Transformers 2 One of Top 10 Biggest Movies

Thanks to another big weekend, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, one of the worst movies of this or any other year, is now the 10th biggest movie in U.S. box-office history. It supplanted The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in the same position, according to reports.

The film's domestic box-office tally so far, according to the site Box Office Mojo: $379 million. Worldwide box-office: $785 million+

The overlong Michael Bay metal-on-metal knockdown, replete with wooden acting and a stinky script, has landed in the Top 10 in other categories:

The movie grossed $126 million in its first three days, making it the film with the fourth-highest opening of all time.

Ten days ago, the Transformers sequel became the biggest box-office hit in Chinese history, pushing out Titanic. Read more here.

And it's one of worst-reviewed blockbusters. Ever. For evidence, check out the critics' ratings at Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic.

Titanic ($600 million+) remains the biggest movie to be released in the U.S., followed by The Dark Knight ($533 million+) and Star Wars ($460 million+). For the complete list, click here.

So does this mean that there's sure to be even more overblown movies featuring ginormous robots and huge explosions and clueless young actresses in skimpy clothes? But of course, starting but likely not stopping with a second sequel.

Even worse, given the fact that there are now slots for 10 movies in the Best Picture category, and the fact that NARAS really needs big ratings for next year's Oscars, it's entirely possible that Transformers 2 will pick up a bagful of nominations, including one for BP.

Why? To pull in some of those Transfomers 2 fans, naturally. Another reason: The "controversy" over the nomination will bring even more attention to the Oscars.

Could Bay's all-spectacle-all-the-time movie actually win? Depends on how many ways the vote is split.

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