Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Charlie Haden Family & Friends on Letterman Tonight

Thursday a.m. UPDATE: Haden and Co. played the beautiful, slow-moving, mournful tune "Spiritual," with the bassist's son, Josh Haden (of '90s band Spain, set to release a new CD soon) singing his own lyrics. Terrific performance, marred only by Letterman's inane comment afterward, relating the song to a silly moment on the "Stupid Human Tricks" segment. Well, at least Letterman's bookers had the good taste and inspiration to book the group - I can't remember the last time the bassist had this much exposure on national television.

This just in: The great jazz bassist will play music from his Americana-oriented CD tonight on Letterman.

I reviewed, and greatly enjoyed Rambling Boy earlier this year. Read the review (Las Vegas CityLife) here.

Official press release is below:

Tune in tonight (11/12) to Late Night With David Letterman to catch
Charlie Haden Family & Friends performing "Spiritual" from their album
'Rambling Boy,' a stirring collection of traditional American songs
from legendary bassist Charlie Haden. "Spiritual" was composed by
Charlie's son Josh, and made famous by Johnny Cash on his
Grammy-winning album 'Unchained.' Tonight, it will be performed by Josh
and an all-star band, including Stuart Duncan, Rob Ickes, John
Leventhal, and Dan Tyminksi along with Josh's sister Petra Haden and
his father, Charlie Haden. 'Rambling Boy' was released on Decca Records
September 23rd, and has earned rave reviews from NPR, The New York
Times, and the Wall Street Journal, and among others. Tonight is the
project's national television debut.

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