Friday, October 31, 2008

For President, I Choose ...

Sorry to disappoint, but I won't use this forum to hammer anyone regarding my choice for president. Unlike some folks, I don't believe that political identity = everything.

I will, however, pass on a note that I emailed to several people.

Here it is ...

As I've quipped to friends (and on Facebook): I'll be glad when this election is over and we can get back to just blaming our woes on the man who's unlucky enough to win the job of President of the U.S.

And in all seriousness, my hope is that the decision will be final by late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. A protracted election is just going to further wound our country - emotionally, spiritually, and economically.

On the other hand, I urge everyone to seriously accept their civic responsibility and get out there and vote. We continue to live in a world where, in many countries, there is no such thing as free and democratic elections.

I won't push one candidate or the other in this note to a "mixed" audience, but I will encourage everyone to carefully evaluate:

1 - What the candidates are saying, and what they've done, and whether there is a "disconnect" between their words and their actions

2 - What the candidates' respective records of accomplishments, long or short, tell us about the decisions that they would make in the Oval Office

3 - The long-term impact - conservative or liberal; left, right or centrist - that the next president is certain to have on the Supreme Court

4 - The views and statements of the candidates' respective political allies, friends, mentors, and family, whether your chosen candidate holds to those philosophies, and whether your thinking is aligned with those beliefs

5 - The impact that the two dramatically different tax plans will have on small and big business and, as a result, employment, personal income, and the economy

Have a nice election.

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