Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My April Fool's Joke (re: Galactic)

For anyone who didn't click on the fake Relix headline attached to yesterday's Galactic announcement: That was a big (small?) April Fool's Day joke.

Of course I'm not joining Galactic, and of course they would never ask, and of course Robert Mercurio is not by any means leaving the band.

After reading the fake Hillary Clinton headlines in Wayne Garcia's column in Creative Loafing, I thought I'd have some fun with my own news.

I can't say that Galactic's rap-overloaded From the Corner to the Block is one of my favorites, although, as usual, several tracks are extremely funky. Still, looking forward to seeing Galactic during Jazz Fest week in New Orleans.

A great thing about the band: They're never content to stand still.

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