Friday, April 18, 2008

Howard Mandel on IAJE Bankruptcy

Check out this thoughtful commentary on the IAJE mess by Howard Mandel, pres of the Jazz Journalists Association and author of several books on jazz, including the new Miles Ornette Cecil: Jazz Beyond Jazz.

So, as mentioned in my last post, will Jazz Improv mag, which last year held a conference in NYC featuring 80 panels/workshops and 100 performances, pick up where IAJE's conferences left off? (Here's coverage of that conference, from the All About Jazz site)

Or will Jazz Times, one-time host of major jazz conventions, get in on the action? How about the other big jazz mags - Down Beat? Jazziz? Do any of these organizations have the funds/wherewithal to put together a convention/conference as ambitious as the IAJE conferences?

One can only hope because, as Mandel points out, jazz needs an umbrella organization under which all of the music's various, sometimes competing parties can gather; and an affiliated annual international conference.

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