Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Depression is Folding: I'm Depressed

Sad music news: No Depression, the Americana music Bible, is shutting down after 13 years in operation. Its May-June issue will be the last one.

Here's what I posted on the ND site, adjacent to the official cease-publication note:

This is terrible news, as No Depression has practically cornered the market on good writing about such a broad swath of great American music.

Peter and Grant, your mag has been a real musical education, and absolutely a bright spot in my pop-culture reading life. I can't tell you how many artists I've been turned on to because of your work, and how much the writing in ND has inspired my own writing.

Here's hoping that the mag will be saved: Isn't there a recording-industry Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama who might pony up some funding to keep ND alive (w/o interfering with the editorial independence)?

Alternately, as the above post suggested, many of us would be happy to pay a higher subscription price to keep the mag going.

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