Monday, September 24, 2007

Want a Great Deal on a Hotel Room at Next Year's Jazz Fest?

Here, below, is the word from Swag, a gregarious guy who's a treasure trove of tips on how best to negotiate the pleasures and (logistical) pressures of Jazz Fest, AKA the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Next year's fest is set for April 25-May 8. Or, as the threadheads (Jazz Fest fanatics) will tell you, only 213 days left to go.

BTW, the photo of saxophone monster James Carter is one that I shot at this year's Jazz Fest.

Best Jazzfest hotel deal ever?

Hotwire has the Holiday Inn French Quarter on Royal available both weekends and the days between for about $39/night - maybe a buck or two more or less depending on your exact nights.

I've been tracking Jazzfest hotels on Priceline & Hotwire since 2003, and have never seen a price for a French Quarter hotel, during Fest weekends, drop below $50.

This won't last long.

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