Friday, June 22, 2007


Here's my review of the new horror flick 1408, based on a Stephen King short story. The review appears in this week's issue of Las Vegas CityLife.

BTW, The Gingerbread Girl, a new King novella, is available in the July issue of Esquire. In an AP story on the publication of the 21,000-word glorified short story, Esquire's editor calls the piece "event fiction." I found it to be a compelling, decently crafted, very fast-moving bit of horror fiction with a setting -- Florida Keys -- slightly reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen.

While tooling around the Esquire site, I came across the Napkin Fiction Project. The magazine sent Esquire napkins to 250 writers, requesting that those writers use the napkins as canvases for short short stories or, rather, story ideas. Esquire received nearly 100 responses, and is publishing many of them. Amusing stuff.

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