Monday, April 23, 2007

Sanjaya Meets Dubya?

The White House Correspondents Association dinner was held over the weekend, and the only thing that this morning's network anchors can talk about is Sanjaya, AKA the world's luckiest 17-year-old karaoke singer? OMG

Word is that he sat near Bush.

Of all his awful appearances on "American Idol," the absolute worst was his cover of the Bonnie Raitt hit "Something to Talk About," easily the worst-ever match between singer and song on the bizarrely popular show. Dude, the only thing that folks are talking about is your hair, and, maybe, your million-watt smile.

Nice kid, no talent.

And yes, you'll have to excuse me for indulging in "AI" this season, for the first time ever. My kids made me do it (better than blaming it on the devil, right?)

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