Friday, April 13, 2007

Go Gators

Yeah, I'm a little late on saying this, but, Go Gators.

I wonder if the other big schools around the country, say, those in Ohio, are getting tired of hearing about the Gators win national championships in major sports.
Beating the OSU (old scared university) Buckeyes by 84-75, the Gators become the first NCAA basketball team to win consecutive titles since Duke in 1991-92.

And the first EVER to win with the same starting five.

Oh yeah, and UF apparently is the first college EVER to win basketball and football championships in the same academic year (and Ohio State teams were the losers, both times).

So that's b-ball honors two years in a row, with a football championship squeezed in between.
Salute the Gator Nation!

(I did something right, huh?)

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