Thursday, November 09, 2006

Paris/Marie Antoinette/Kanye/WWOZ and more

Anthony Lane, the always entertaining if not always insightful movie critic for The New Yorker, had this to say about Marie Antoinette:

"I spent long periods of Marie Antoinette under the growing illusion that it was actually made by Paris Hilton."

See the full review here.

I was quite taken by Sofia Coppola's previous film, Lost in Translation, in part because of my irrational and undying fondness for Bill Murray. So Marie Antoinette WAS on my list of movies to see (in the recent old days, I would have just gone to the darn screening, long ago, but, alas, now there's a dayjob to contend with). But now ... I'm not so sure.

Speaking of celebrities behaving badly ... what's with Kanye West's meltdown at that video awards show? He had a tantrum when he didn't win, and then he excused it by saying that it was all a stunt, and, gee, he was just kidding.

And how about Faith Hill's little freak-out -- she said "what?!" and made an angry face -- when she was trumped by Faith Hill at the CMAs? In Hill's case, I think it's just possible that she was kidding around. And, unlike West, Hill didn't storm the stage or anything. But, if Hill indeed was being silly and making a joke ... I'd say she's gifted with nearly as much comic timing as, you know, John Kerry.

One quick item while I'm on a roll: I tuned in to the live streaming broadcast of New Orleans community radio station WWOZ a few minutes ago, and some sort of technical foul-up (or plain old human error) resulted in the simultaneous broadcast of The Beatles' "Long and Winding Road" and a recent Chili Peppers track. Now the station is airing some kind of annoying folk-pop singer, a cappella (Acapulco). Huh?

While we're talking about Blog traffic, let's say her name again, twice: Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton. Does this actually work?

More celebrity ramblings: I have to admit that I'm shocked -- SHOCKED -- over the dissolution of Britney's marriage to K-(under)Fed. Gosh, what's that gonna mean for his career? And who will she hook up with next? I'm on pins and needles, I am.

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