Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rising Tide Conference in New Orleans

Not sure why it took me so long to hear about this, but a lot of people concerned with the future of New Orleans are headed to the Crescent City for The Rising Tide conference, 8/25-27.

I initially heard about the event through a post on the Dr. Daisy blog, operated by a fellow English grad student at USF (and a NOLA native). Daisy's blog is also included on the conference site's list of 100 top New Orleans-related blogs.

Officially, it's "a gathering for all who wish to learn more and do more to assist New Orleans' recovery from the aftermath of the natural disasters of both Hurricane Katrina and Rita, the manmade disaster of the levee and floodwall collapses, and the incompetence of government on all levels."

The subtext, from what I can gather, has something to do with how Internet activism has had an impact on Katrina relief efforts, and how bloggers and others can use their online communities to effect positive change for New Orleans and its people.

Ashley Morris, on her blog, enumerates some reasons to attend the conference.

1. Because we love you!

2. Because you'll get to hear Chris Cooper and Robert Block talk about their book Disaster: Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Homeland Security

3. Because you'll get to hear a lot of intelligent, informed, inspiring conversation. Oh, and I'll be on a panel too, to kind of even all of that out.

4. Because if you are reading this, then you're geek enough to come.

5. Because it's twenty bucks, which will cover our rental of the Yat Club, the audio and video systems, the wireless network, and all that other stuff.

6. Because even the mainstream media will be there.

7. Because the Yat Club scenery is quite impressive.

8. Because there is an air conditioned bar within 50 feet of the conference room.

9. Because you'll get to hear, see and meet Greg Peters and Scout Prime.

10. Because it's a great poster, comrade.

11. Because lunch will be catered by one of the best restaurants in town, that still hasn't reopened since the flood: DUNBAR'S CREOLE COOKING!!!! That's right, your $20 gets you Dunbar's fried chicken, red beans and rice, and cornbread. Oh hell, yeah!

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