Friday, May 19, 2006

Philip Roth/Joyce Carol Oates/John Updike/T.C. Boyle/Harry Crews

Despite the block-out-the-sun publishing success of the likes of The Da Vinci Code and the Harry Potter books, good literary fiction continues to make it to the marketplace, and to generate interest among readers and book sellers.

This year alone has seen or will see the publication of new books or story collections by several major writers, including Philip Roth's Everyman, Joyce Carol Oates' collection High Lonesome: Stories (1966-2006) and John Updike's forthcoming, tantalizingly titled Terrorist (June) and T.C. Boyle's forthcoming Talk Talk (July).

That's in addition to Harry Crews' new An American Family (see below post).

Now for the gift of time to read them all. Just the other day, my son asked me if I would have to work during the summer, or if I would be on vacation (like him). I wish.


Lauri said...

how on earth do you find time to read at all..? and how many do you get the chance to read?

thanks for stopping by my blog :->

(this is Lauri... you left a Da Vinci review on my blog last night)


Philip B said...

Lauri --

Well, actually, I don't find the time to read them all. I'm always playing catch up, it seems.

Thanks for visiting