Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Michael Connelly's Crime Beat; Glassman and O'Sullivan's Crime Fiction and Film in the Sunshine State

Any discussion of Florida crime/noir fiction by rights should include 1997's Crime Fiction and Film in the Sunshine State: Florida Noir, by Steve Glassman and Maurice O'Sullivan, as a professor friend has pointed out.

A new entry in the genre: Crime Beat: A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers, a collection of the non-fiction work done by novelist Michael Connelly for papers in South Florida and Los Angeles.

Clark Hollis had this to say about Connelly's book, in Entertainment Weekly:

"Before thriller writer Michael Connelly wrote about fictional crimes, he spent a decade covering real ones as a journalist in Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles (where he'd base his Harry Bosch novels). Bosch fans keen to find the real-life inspirations for their dogged detective hero in this collection of Connelly's reportage should look no further than the superb opening piece, which tracks a week in the life of the Fort Lauderdale homicide squad and closely resembles the tone of his subsequent books. Elsewhere, Connelly's distinctive authorial voice is less evident, although his eye for detail remains a constant. He notes that one less-than-bright drug-addicted burglar boasted a giveaway "Get High" tattoo on his bicep."

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