Monday, May 22, 2006

Da Vinci Code: It's Critic-Proof, Kids!

From the department of D'oh! (to paraphrase an observation I came across in The New Yorker, I think): The only mystery about the movie is an old one: Who would have the wherewithal to secure rights first? Looks like Ron Howard, and Sony, made a great investment.

By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY
There's no mystery to it: The Da Vinci Code is a hit.
Despite overwhelmingly negative reviews, the film adaptation of the Dan Brown best seller took in a whopping $77 million this weekend, according to studio estimates from box-office trackers Nielsen EDI. The opening exceeded analysts' expectations by $10 million and proved what many executives at Sony Pictures said privately before the movie's debut: that the movie, like the book, was critic-proof.

The story continues here.

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